One World Project/ Radio Tilos World Party Series

ABORIGINAL PARTY - An audiovisual journey to Aboriginal Australia

1st of february 2008 from 19 o’clock, Gödör Club Budapest V. ker. Erzsébet tér

On the occasion of the Europen Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue, this is yet another event in the framework of the World Party Series.

For the sake of presenting the varoius cultures of the world to the Hungarian public, Radio Tilos has initiated the „One World Project” – a year long series of events meant to celebrate world cultures.

These events are now part of the official program of the 2008 European Year of Dialogue Between Cultures, taking place throughout the EU and in Hungary as well.

The first event in the World Party Series in the year 2008 will take the public to a unique audiovisualo journey to Aboriginal Australia – land of the red earth. The colorful programs will definnitly affect all of your senses with the feeling of Australia.


The party begins with reading out of dreamtime stories by Velvet (Csipetke, Radio Tilos), with calm intro music in the background. Film

Screening: "Terra Australis"

Then comes the didgeridoo – the ancinet musical instrument of the aboriginals - which will be played by the authenthic sound of Australia – the Avaron group,

Avaron: Csirmaz Gábor: didgeridoo, slide didge Sándor Béla: didgeridoo, harp

This was followed by the experimental Gudanjabro: Martin Balázs: didgeridoo Kerekes János: didgeridoo Laár Dávid: precussion Mikó György : syrinx, rythme

The „naturalbiodinamic tranceproject”- will take center stage therfafter, and willl definielty drive you into new hights.

The Airtist group, which is an interesting combination of didgeridoo, jew’s harp and human beatbox, will present its new album titled „Wireless” in the framework of the World Party Series.

Airtist (D/HU) presentation of their new album "Wireless" Markus Meuer: didgeridoo Szilágyi Áron: jew’s harp Döme: beatbox http://www.myspace.com/airtistmusic

Following the concerts, dj Ludmilla will induce all to dance with her exclusive Australian breakbeat mixes,which will be followed by the tribal-breakbeat-trance-fusion mixes of AdamSalman, Zsaresz and Toma.

Tilos djs - TRIBAL FUSION PARTY: 0.00-1:30 Zsaresz - (Délibáb, Radio Tilos) tribal trance set 1:30-3.00 Ludmilla (Break Out Breeze, Radio Tilos ) Australian breakbeat set 3:00-4.30 AdamSalman ( Délibáb, Radio Tilos) breakbeat fusion set 4:30- Toma - (Caravan, Radio Tilos) fusion set

The visual journey will be guaranteed by the Onevisione crew, with the use of unique panorama screening techniques.

Visual & Deco: Onevisione: panorama video mix Red earth gallery and the Chinese Characters gallery - Aboriginal paintings In the Land of the Oz –Zoltán Szatmári and Erika Kalapos photo slideshow panoramic photos (Thanks to Austrade!)

Other Attractions:

Afrosound - didgeridoo and boomerang exhibition

Fair Gloria Jeans Coffee – Australian exclusive Coffee tasting

Study Time stand Australia’s Faces – Joint stand of the Australian Embassy and Austrade

Preceeding the party, a special thematic week will take place on Radio Tilos (FM 90.3, www.tilos.hu / live net streaming) from the 26th of january 2008 until the day of the party / 1st of february 2008.

The thematic week will host discussions with experts on ancient cultures, including the cultures of China, Egypt, Indians, Aboriginals, etc and will feature tribal fusion musical mixes all week long! Archives of these programs will be available at http://interkulti.net/radio. The round table discussions will touch upon various aspects of ancient cultures, and will attempt to introduce those elements of these cultures, which could also serve as useful knowledge today, thereby bridging a potential synthesis between what is old and what is new.


Creative director &  Head of Project: dr. Amir A. Abdi

Media & Marketing: Toma Maróthy

Program Artistic director: Gábor Zsarnai


This project was sponsored by the European Union and the Hungarian Ministry of Education & Culturein co-operation with the Australian Embassy and Austrade, Budapest


Published by Interkulti Association for the Promotion of Inter-Cultural Dialogue 2008

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