On the occasion of the Europen Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue, this is yet another event in the framework of the World Party Series organized by Radio Tilos and the One World Project: This time the invitation is for an exciting audiovisual journey into Africa, from Casablanca to the Cape of Good Hope.

The party was held on the 19th of april 2008 from 20 o’clock Gödör Club, Budapest V. ker. Erzsébet tér


Party program:

8 pm – Party Opening by Dr. Balogh Sándor, head of African-Hungarian Union

8.20 – 9 pm Film screening > Essakane, Tuareg music festival in the Mali desert


The Party  featured 2 live concerts of groups blending authentic west-African music with afro-jazz fusion music.

The first was a concert by Abdul Aziz (F) and his Band represent the traditional music of West-Africa, with a powerful polyrhythmic percussion concert.

Abdul Aziz - images from the concert

The second concert was from 10.30 pm by Mbaye N'Diaye and the Afro Magic Band
MBaye N’Diaye (SEN) and his Afro Magic Band played  fusion music influenced by traditional songs from Senegal, afro jazz and pop music.


The show continued with a hot afro party powered by 6 dj’s from Radio Tilos, who played Afro-beat and Afro-funk dance music as well as traditional afro in the chill-out.

African Dance Party Dj’s:

Tomanek (Radio Tilos), Keyser (Radio Tilos), Peti Szamosi (Radio Tilos), Amir (Radio Tilos), Koya (Senegal), Sztyepp (Radio Tilos).

Visuals: Onevisione.net crew Visual journey into Africa.


Photo exhibition: "Nilo-Hamitan Tribes" – works by Attila Lóránt.

"Kuba raffia" traditional textiles exhibition from Congo - thanks to Ethnosound.

African masks and sculptures exhibition  - thanks to the African-Hungarian Union.

Africa related NGO’s stands

African-Hungarian Union, AfrioAid, Foundation for Africa, Taita Foundation, HelloAfrica!

 Plus: Afro bazaar, Egyptian Water Pipe Oasis,

 Preceding the party, a special thematic week on Africa will take place on Radio Tilos (FM 90.3, www.tilos.hu ) from the 13th April until the day of the party / 19th April.

The thematic week will host discussions with experts on Africa’s past, present and future. 


 Head of Project: dr. Amir A. Abdi

Marketing: Toma Maróthy

Artistic director: Gábor Zsarnai


This project was sponsored by the European Union and the Hungarian Ministry of Education & Culture

Published by Interkulti Association for the Promotion of Inter-Cultural Dialogue 2008

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