The EuroMed Party was held on the occasion of the Europen Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue, and is one of the 1001 Actions for Dialogue in the EuroMed area.This event was the 8th event of the World Party Series, which started in 2007 and included among others the 2 Africa parties, the Middle East party, the Australia patry, the Caribbean party, India Party, and a special world music concert as a tribute to Tibet).

The event featured the following items on two seperate stages:

1. Concerts:

Las Mujeres, a group composed of two guitarists and a rythem musician playing Flamenco in Spanish. One of the musicians is an Israeli citizen (Ilan Shapir), the other is a Moroccan (Said Tichti), while the singer is Hungarian (Zoltan Pinter).

2. Khalifa group and friends: This performance was the longest, lasting almost one and half hours. First, the group played authentic Greek dance music, while two dancers dressed in authentic Greek cloths made a dance performance (Dancers: Filipas Papvasiliou and Diana Kecskes). Then the group played authentic Arab music, while a Hungarian belly dancer made an authentic show (Dancer: Mercedes Nieto). Thereafter the gruop switched to palying some Flamenco music, while a Flamenco dancer made a short dance performance (Dancer: Veronika Vamos). The group then went on to the fusion bit of the concert, where they played EuroMed music, while the dancers were together on stage. The group itself featured 9 Hungarian and Arab musicians, plus the 4 dancers.
The third and last concert was performed by Hungarian group Tundergrouond, which is actually coming from Romania. The group played modern trance music inspired by the euro med heritatage, such as oriental and Balcanic music, and also some elements of Hungarian folk music. The group featured 7 musicians.


Stage II: Dj’s from Radio Tilos:

a. Dj Marco (who is half Mexican, half Hungarian) played Flamenco and Euro Med chillout music

b. Dj Maxim (who is half Ukranian, half Palestinian) played arab and Turkish chill out music

c. Dj’s Nafta and Suefo (both Hungarian) played modern dance music inspired by Greek and Italian music.

d. Dj Koala played Spanish and North African dance music.

e. Dj AdamSalman (who is half Iraqi half Hungarian) played fusion and Middle Eastern dance music.

c. Exhibitions:

a. Art Exhibition of Palestinain artist Abed Abdi.

b. Art Exhibition of young French artist Frederic.

d. Photo exhibition (Egyptian desert) by Hungarian photographer Zsofia Berczi.

e. Exhibition of musical instruments from the Euro Med region.

D. Visuals:

a. Vj. Zoltan Mezei

b. Vj. Kristof Nagy

The visual experiance meant two seperate paralell screenings (one on four huge screens, and the other on two huge screens) of images and remixed video shots from the Euro Med region.

E. Other Attractions at the Event:

The event also featured a specially decorated area, resembling a Middle Eastern watarpipe caffe. Visitors could smoke the waterpipe, or have a bite from the Middle Eastern sweets provided for free by the Al Sultan Syrian waterpipe center. All personnel working in this area also had special Middle Eastern folkloric cloths.

Additionally, another special area featured Henna painting artist Vera Papp, who made Henna drawings on the hands of those visitors who were interested in trying it out.

The The EuroMed Party lasted from 7 pm in the evening until 5 am the next morning, and it was also boradcasted live via the internet on the homepage of Onevisione Tv. 


The EuroMed party was attended by more than 1000 persons.


Partners in the EuroMed Party project:

interKulti independent intercultural portal (virtual home of project) Tilos Radio as such, and individual programs therein, EthnoSound (world music instruments) Al Sultan (waterpipes) Onevioisone Tv (live broadcast) vLand.eu (webhosting and online project management systems) Arabelle, Palestinian Society for the advancement of the Visual Arts (member of the Israeli ALF Network).


Head of project & creative director: dr. Amir A. Abdi

Marketing & fundraising: Toma Maróthy

Program director: Gábor Zsarnai

The EuroMed party was sponsored by: The European Union Anna Lindh Foundation Hungarian Ministry of Culture

 Published by Interkulti Association for the Advancement of Inter-cultural Dialogue, 2008

All rights reserved

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